Case of worn out tyres:

As a part of our mission to educate people, we bring out some real examples of car service and maintenance issues.
What happens when you do not give attention to your car tyres?

We have noted that most of the car users are either ignorant about their car tyres or are simply not bothered about their car tyre health.

The typical life of any tyre in Indian conditions is about 40,000 kms or 4 years. Even if your car is not used much, rubber ages with time and hardens resulting in cracks across the tyre much before its typical life span. This results in tyre burst when the car hits a pothole or on high speeds when the tyre heats up. Tyre bursts on most occasions are fatal!

Above is a picture of a worn out tyre which the customer was unaware of. The customer was happily cruising with high speeds on such tyres saying that my car has just run 30,000 kms! It was just a matter of time it would burst! Availing EXPRESS AUTOCARE’s Premium Service Package brought this worn out condition of the tyres to the customer’s knowledge and the customer immediately replaced all the tyres of his car.

Remember friends, “A stitch in time saves nine.” Your life depends upon your car! Get it serviced on a timely basis. Do not procrastinate things on which your life depends!