Case of faulty brake disc rotors: 

As a part of our mission to educate people, we bring out some real examples of car service and maintenance issues.


What happens when we do not give our cars for thorough check up regularly?

Our clients often ask us why is brake service required? Some of them say my car brakes work fine so there is no need for it!
We had a similar case in a Hyundai Eon and we opened up the front brakes and showed these rusted rotor discs. We informed the client that a car’s brake rotor discs undergo very high friction and gets heated up and with heat such rusted discs can break and car’s braking system may fail. Since this car was never checked nor serviced thoroughly anytime before, these discs got damaged to such an extent. It was just a matter of time that discs would give up and something drastic would have happened. Our expert technicians at EXPRESS AUTOCARE replaced the discs and the car underwent a thorough check up as a part of our Premium Service Package.

Remember friends, “A stitch in time saves nine.” Your life depends upon your car! Get it serviced on a timely basis. Do not procrastinate things on which your life depends!