Why turn to EXPRESS AUTOCARE for all of your car maintenance, repairs & detailing (cleaning & polishing) needs?

In India, ever developing as it is, cars are no more a luxury. Cars have become a necessity now for most families. Unfortunately, most of the car owners are not aware of car maintenance techniques and hence they give their cars for service at car dealer service centers. Modern cars are built with robotic tools and are very robust and very rarely does some major problem occur only if the routine preventive maintenance services are not done promptly. Yet, dealers sell extended warranty to unaware customers just to make sure that their cars come to their service centers for service, else the warranty voids. It is a known fact that these car dealer service centers charge exorbitantly high after the free service period often for basic routine service. At the same time, car owners who love their cars are hesitant to give their cars to roadside mechanics for service or repairs since they do not trust them. Car owners are left with no choice but to pay the exorbitant charges that car dealer service centers levy.

To bridge this gap between car dealer service centers, unprofessional roadside mechanics and a hesitant car owner, EXPRESS AUTOCARE has been setup by a car enthusiast to ensure all car owners get a fair deal in the service and repairs of their cars.  The entire team comes with immense experience in the automotive industry in India and abroad. Having worked for different automotive units in different countries and being experienced in the service standards of those countries and being passionate about cars and related technologies, the idea of this unique concept Car Service and Detailing Center has been incubated and introduced where car care, customer experience and satisfaction is the key. At EXPRESS AUTOCARE, values, ethics and standards are of core importance and are fused with being transparent, competitive in pricing and delivering a seamless customer experience.

Truly, at EXPRESS AUTOCARE, your cars are not just serviced or repaired, but a relationship is built based on the wheels of trust, reliability, and transparency and above all to LOVE OUR CARS.

The Owner’s Story: My journey from a Computer Engineer to a Car Mechanic….